Our short summer is in full swing as a family. With the way our school calendar is, our summer really starts just before Memorial Day and is over at the end of July. This short summer is full, but not like past summers. For the first summer since the summer we moved back to Indiana we are not traveling as a family at all. We are hanging at home, getting stuff done and enjoying each other and the property as well as the local friends we have made in our almost 4 years here. We are blessed. Micah will have a bunch of activities this summer: summer church camp (he and Abby are there now), a boy scout camping trip and many days of band camp. Abby had her dance recital and is at church summer camp. She will also do some simple local camps and activities this summer as well. Marcus has returned from some international travel, has knee surgery, work and time with family. Jessica is enjoying a summer of working outside and doing some of her work as a teacher policy advocate and a swim instructor with a couple days in the office at school. We are thankful for this season, though it always seems to go too fast!

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