We are Blessed

We are blessed and busy as a family.  Its amazing how fast the kids are growing. Micah is almost as tall as both of us, went to his first dance and went with a girl and Abby is also growing quickly and on her way to womanhood God help us. We had a nice spring … [Read more…]

Life is Full!

Life is full in the Carlson household. Micah continues to be busy with band, boy scouts, church stuff and a variety of projects at home. Abby is enjoying church, girl scouts and horseback riding lessons. Jessica continues to work as an instructional coach, teacher consultant and adjunct faculty at the local Purdue campus. Marcus continues … [Read more…]

Christmas Letter 2017

Carlson Family Christmas Letter 2017 Greetings Friends & Family- Merry Christmas! We hope you have had a great year and are looking forward to the holidays and a new year come 2018. We know that we are. It’s been another full and exciting year for the Carlson family. As always, some ups, downs and a … [Read more…]


We are back into the school routine with our first full week being this week. We do love routine and habit. Our college guest moves out this weekend and the kids activities are starting to gear up. We do love this time of year and are thankful for our family, our kids and their opportunities. … [Read more…]

Summer Update

The short summer is coming to a quick close as the kids go back to school on August 3 and Jessica goes back on August 2! Time does fly and this modified year round schedule is certainly interesting. The kids are looking forward to going back as is Jessica. We are trying to finish up … [Read more…]


Our short summer is in full swing as a family. With the way our school calendar is, our summer really starts just before Memorial Day and is over at the end of July. This short summer is full, but not like past summers. For the first summer since the summer we moved back to Indiana … [Read more…]

Almost Summer

Its hard to believe it, but it is almost summer.  School for Jessica and the kids ends the week before Memorial Day and we will be in summer mode. Its been a busy year and a busy spring so far. We are looking forward to a quieter summer with no major travel planned. The kids … [Read more…]

General Update

Everyone in our family is doing well. It has been a quick and mild winter.  We have had some great family time together and we are keeping busy with work, church, activities, family time and our property. We have started tapping trees for syrup season and have already begun planning for our bee setup and … [Read more…]

Christmas Prep

September and October were crazy, full and hard months for the family with travel for Marcus, some health stuff all around and other challenges. We are glad to be in November for sure. Right away, with the parties, events, amount of decorating etc, the Christmas preparations have begun. It is an exciting time, even though … [Read more…]

School Year has begun

Its still hard to believe, but the school year has begun. It was the earliest start we have ever had, August 1 officially for Jessica and August 3 for the kids. Micah is now in middle school (sixth grade) and loving it. He has adjusted well and has the chance to thrive. He is excited … [Read more…]