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Meet the Carlson’s


The Carlson’s

Marcus loves his family and feels honored to serve God in a wide variety of ways. Marcus is an Ordained Pastor, college instructor, speaker and seminary leader, leads a ministry organization and is very involved in a lot of other wonderful things. He has served as a pastor in various capacities and churches over the past 19 years. Marcus is a spiritual director and is passionate about many things. He loves to hike and loves all things mac. Check out Marcus’ personal website or his professional website.

Jessica is a Middle School Instructional Coach. She has also been a high school english teacher, swim coach and lacrosse coach. Jessica is a certified life guard and swim & aquatic exercise instructor. Jessica is also a fellow for a teacher policy group and a college adjunct faculty member. She loves being a mom, cook, gardner, landscape artist farmer and much more. Jessica loves to spend time with the kids and loves all things farming.

Micah is twelve years old and is in seventh Grade. Micah loves to play and really enjoys the outdoors. Micah enjoys church activities and school. He is very expressive and friendly. He loves church and his sister (most of the time). Micah also loves to read and is a very smart young man.Micah plays trombone in the Marching band at the high school.

Abigail is our ten year old princess and the ruler of the house. She loves all things princess and is a very caring soul. She looks up to her big brother and loves to play dress up and more. She loves to pray at meals and you never have to wonder what she is thinking! Abby is in fifth grade.

Oreo is our black and white purebred Border Collie born in July 2015. He is energetic, affectionate and incredibly intelligent. Oreo is an ABC (American Border Collie Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club) certified dog. He has received his first dog title, novice.

Reeses is our newest family member, a brown and white purebred Border Collie born in January 2106. She is cute, sassy, fluffy and full of energy. Reeses is an ABC (American Border Collie Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club) certified dog. She has received her first dog title, novice.

Cleo is our calico cat we got from the animal shelter as a kitten. She is an incredible hunter of mice. She is very sweet and affectionate and particularly attached to Marcus.

Odie is our orange and white cat that we rescued from the shelter as a kitten with Cleo. He is very adventurous, independent and affectionate. He is very sweet and playful and especially loved by Jessica.

Samson is one of our barn cats. He is a rescue from the animal shelter and is very shy. When he gets comfortable, he is very friendly. He enjoys the couch in the barn.

Hailey is one of our barn cats. We got her at the animal shelter. She is a beautiful and friendly calico cat with plenty of personality.

The Chickens we have seven adult and eleven young chickens in our yard that produce eggs for our enjoyment.

The Rabbits we have four outdoor rabbits.

Bee’s, we have four bee hives this year.

Jenna, our  beloved Husky of over 12.5 years passed away on August 27, 2015.

Samantha, our  beloved rescue of almost 14 years passed away at over 16 years old on June 29, 2017.

Swanson, our beloved white cat rescue died in 2016.


Our Other Children:

Below is a picture of our children that we sponsor through Compassion International. All three live in El Salvador and Marcus has met them personally. They are from left to right: Alis, Kevin, and Jose.